About Us


About HSOC Financial & Business Advisors

HSOC Financial & Business Advisors is the result of the merger of two smaller firms, Hamill Spence & Co and PJ O’Connell & Co, in 2000.

Advising clients for 40 years

Together these firms have been advising and supporting clients for 40 years. The partner profile has changed over the years, but the original founder partners continue to act as consultants to the firm.

This reinforces the fact that our clients come to us for advice on all of their financial affairs; business and personal. Our clients retain our services on a continuing basis.

HSOC evolving with clients

From small beginnings in one-room offices, to small firms of accountants who also ‘do a bit of everything,’ to a five-partner firm with specialist departments, the evolution of HSOC has been steady and constant.

We recognise that our clients’ business and personal financial needs evolve over their lifetime and during various economic cycles.

In order to best serve our clients, our dedicated departments can take a business from every stage. From start-up through business plans and specialist advice on securing appropriate financing, to business expansion and corporate recovery advice, to business liquidation, succession planning and disposal.

Advising clients on business and personal level

We work with clients through wealth accumulation and investment advice strategies, planning for retirement and passing wealth to the next generation.

Our experienced partners, and their teams, work very closely with our clients, who are active in a wide range of industries.

Always offering more

In addition to providing excellent compliance services and all professional advices sought, we also work hard to continuously identify and offer new financial opportunities to our clients.